Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Merry Christmas indeed!

I have had a wonderful Christmas that started on Friday at work. We had a Christmas lunch courtesy of Dr. B. They also brought us beautiful candles with pretty 'lamp shades' for them. I'm sure there is a technical term for them but I'm not sure what it is. Sunday we had Daniel's family Christmas at his parent's house. His grandparents and cousins and Aunt and Uncle were there. That was quite a bit of fun. We watched home videos and got to laugh at the cousins and how they changed or in some cases, haven't.
Daniel's maternal grandparents, Earl and Kate aka Granny and Poppy

Daniel's cousin, Ryan and his girlfriend, Lauren
Daniel and me with his cousin Brandon and his fiance' Carrie

Lauren (left) and Daniel's cousin, Jessica

Monday brought more family time. It was very side in the fact that this was our first Christmas without Megan and Silas. =\ Didn't enjoy that part of it very much. We met up about 3:30 for lunch and gifts. We had everyone but Megan and Silas and Daniel wasn't able to get there until he got off work at five (stupid retail). Had a lot of fun though!

Sisterly love!


Such a pretty couple!

Right before I started sneezing my head off.... =\
Oh Megan, how I wish you were here....

Merry Christmas everyone!

Proud new parents doing a great job

My five year old nephew playing and understanding the game of Chess

Love at first sight, Emily couldn't take her eyes off Molly
I love this man!

Aunt Rosie and Emily's hands

Uncle John and Molly

William playing my Sudoku game

Mimi and Emily

Playing Sudoku with my brothers

After that we went to our friend's house, James and Keri's, and snacked and watched "A Christmas Carol". When we came home we read the Christmas story from Luke and went to bed. Christmas morning brings cinnamon rolls and our gifts to each other. Daniel's so sweet. He bought me a beautiful necklace.

Love that guy! After our Christmas at home we went to his parent's house for their Christmas with us. I received a new stereo for my car which I am supremely excited about. Now I'll be able to plug in my MP3 player! Yippie! Daniel got Rock Band for his 360. It's awesome!

Similar to the more popular Guitar Hero, Rock Band allows you to play all the parts. There is a drum set, guitar, and microphone. It's a whole lot of fun!

Shoo... too much partying!

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