Thursday, January 31, 2008

Still chuckling about it...

Last night, my brother was forgetful. Dinner was going to be ready at seven, my parents were lifting weights and William suddenly remembers, "Oh, I have youth group tonight!". This announcement throws their house into turmoil because he hasn't eaten and youth group starts at 6:30. Oh, did I mention this was 6:15? Luckily for him, I was in town and called at just the right time to be able to offer to pick him up. I got a wonderful lasagna meal out of it too!! Yummy. Sorry, back to the story. I pull up in front of the house and call to tell him I'm waiting. He comes out and as he's getting into my car, I realize, he has his hand over his left eye. "What's wrong with you?" My brother, at 14, is at the very least 6'2". He had succeeded somehow in running into the tree in my parents house with, get this, his eye. ::sigh:: Go figure. Totally not funny yet funny at the same time. I mean seriously, who else do you know had gotten a tree branch in their eye?? I'm willing to bet, um... no one! So after I get the story from him, I start asking questions and giving orders. "Don't rub it, blink. Keep your eye closed. Stop rubbing it." As I ask him, "Can you see okay out of it?" He closed his right eye and looked out the window, "Yeah, I think so..." As he turned to look at me, "Whoa! You look horrible!" Ha ha kiddo! Look who ran into the tree!! I'm still laughing about it!
On another note, I got to spend some time with my mom yesterday. Granted, it wasn't time to be able to sit and talk and shoot the wind but I got to see her! I helped out with what I could, and that included eating some of that delicious lasagna! It amazes me all that she's doing. I know I have taken the job of a policer officer for granted. I've only ever thought of them pulling people over, directing traffic, arresting people, and the like. I never cared to consider what it took to do their job. You have to memorize so much stuff, and not just remember it but know it inside and out so that you can put it into practice! Phenominal! And to have to learn all of it in ten months is a very tall order! To my mom and all the other police officers out there, I applaud you! Thank you for your sacrifices!!

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