Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Official...

I'm a dork.

For some of you, this is no surprise. For others who may not know me at all, maybe it is. Let me explain.

Computers were introduced into my home at a very early age. I believe I was six when we got our first computer. At the bright young age of eight, I set out to teach myself to type properly. Yes, I know I'm weird. I grew up loving to type. It's the one thing I'm good at. It thrills me to rattle off a thought through my fingers at a rapid pace. It makes me happy. Thus, I'm a dork.

As I grew older, my dorkiness reared its ugly head and I fell in love with shortcuts. I loved the ease of saving by just pressing CTRL+S, of printing by simply pressing CTRL+P, and searching by pressing CTRL+F. I loved jumping from window to window with ALT+TAB. Much like typing quickly makes me happy, moving quickly through the programs with shortcuts makes me happy too. Thus, I'm a dork.

With the release of IE7, I was able to learn new things and loved the new tabs. And today, I learned a new trick. Just one more example of how dorky I am, I was really excited about it! You can push CTRL+Q for all of those tabs you have open. This shortcut will toggle the thumbnails so you can see all of them and move easily through them without going to each tab trying to figure out what you have open. Me? I love to have a bunch of things going at once. I get easily confused so this will certainly help. However, I am now glad that I was in the office alone when I learned this trick. It was embarrassing how excited I was about it yet I couldn’t seem to help myself. I really am a dork. ::hangs head in shame::


Kelsey said...

I had no clue you could do that so neat!

Mrs. Who said...

That is SO COOL. I always have at least six of those tabs open. Thanks!!

Digits said...

You will be a TRUE Dork when you play WoW :) I never thought I'd get into that game and now... :) So much fun!