Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WFMW: Cost-effective Water Snob

I have had an epiphany.

I am a water snob.

I despise tap water. Hate it with a passion. I don't even like ice cubes from tap water. It's really quite sad. But here's the thing. I love water. I drink it 8 out of 10 times instead of a carbonated beverage. A nice glass (or bottle) of water just hits the spot in a way that pop just can't do. Plus, it's free when you go out to eat! It can be expensive though.
DH and I are in the midst of an overhaul on our lives. This effects many areas but especially our finances. This means cutting back frivolous expenses and stretching the dollar further than it's been stretched before. Unfortunately, with my snobbery, bottled water is a necessary evil. I've even picky about the brand. Watch me as I hang my head in shame.
I have fallen in love with the Sam's Club/Wal*Mart brand of 20 oz. watery goodness. It's a larger bottle so I'm satisfied longer. However, my husband prefers to shop at Kroger instead of Wal*Mart and has said quite definitively that he doesn't want to go to Wal*Mart just for water. I am not a fan of Kroger brand water.
Necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case, compromise. On our shopping excursion last night, I found myself settling for Kroger brand water. Whatever helps the bottom line because right now, that's what matters. I'll get over my snobbery if necessity requires it. But alas! What's this!? Another alternative! Why didn't I think of this before!?
Deer Park (place your regional brand name here) has a stackable 3-liter container! Not only that but it was only $1.45! I can get a liter bottle of Meijer brand water for $.99 so for me it seemed like a good deal! Upon further calculation, it's not cheaper than the Wal*Mart brand but it will do in a pinch. Maybe next time I'll venture to the gallons or the big fridge models of 'bottled' water. But like I said, I'm a water snob. And it works for me!


Heart of Wisdom said...

you may want to look in to a water purification system for your home.

I too love my bottles...I drink more from a bottle than from a glass. I have no idea why...

LizzyBee said...

Hey! We have a filter on our water tap in the kitchen that you can turn on and off, it is wonderful! We only have to replace the filters every couple months, it is worth the investment if you drink a lot of water like we do;)

Grateful for Grace said...

I'm a water snob, too. And an iced tea snob. How bad is that? They are the only things I drink, so I want them to taste good. I am totally in love with Ozarka and will drive to 3 different gas stations while on a trip to get it.
Just lettin' ya' know you're not alone. Ü

Tracy said...

I am also a water snob, my husband has tried to fill my water bottles with tap, and I catch him everytime! The taste here is terrible. We do have a filtered line coming from our fridge, but now I am terrified of refilling the bottles due to the plastics contained. I have found a solution: I bought the Tupperware straw seal cup. (that is really not the name, but if you look for it like that you will find it!) It is insulated and I can carry my water with me everywhere, and it even makes the fridge water taste good! I still won't drink tap though.