Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Tale of a Week

Lots to say since it's been a while. Bullets seem to be the most effective way. We'll start back when I last really posted, Monday of last week. Shame on me!!

  • On Monday night I had dinner with my parents. My mother was scheduled to have her final exam at the Police Academy on Tuesday and I went over after work to help her study. She started getting sick while I was there. Finally gave up studying, tucked her into bed, wished her health in the morning, and proceeded home to get sick myself. No, it wasn't something we ate, there's a virus going around.
  • Tuesday rolls around and we are both miserably sick. She still went in to take her final which I'm not sure how she managed it! She passed!! Felt awful, but she passed!
  • Wednesday, Daniel and I attempted making banana bread for the first time. Yummy! (and yes, Daniel thought I was crazy to take a picture of it. But I had to have proof for you guys!)
  • Thursday, Daniel went to dinner with friends as two of them share a birthday. I spent the evening at my parents house.
  • Friday, THE BIG DAY! Daniel and I got up early and went to my parents' house to help clean and go to the store for the gathering that would occur later.
  • As of Friday afternoon, 8/8/08, my mother is officially a Police officer!!
  • After her graduation, we had a big family gathering at their house. It was the first time all six of the kids and their respective significant others and children have been together since Christmas of 2006. 'Course, there are just a few of us to coordinate. Try 18 total!
  • Saturday and Sunday were spent on the couch... watching the Olympics. I'm such a bum supporter!
  • Monday brought me back to work where the Dr. and his family were back from their mission trip to Honduras.
  • Monday night found me sick as a dog because the new restaurant in our town didn't have any notices up about one of their salad mixes containing nuts. Just let me tell you, that's not an experience this tree nut allergic lady would like to repeat. Not fun.
  • Tuesday found us at Daniel's parents house for pizza. A side benefit of having to travel to someone else's house for the Internet!
  • Wednesday, I went to lunch with my mom and niece, Emily. It was also my other niece's, (Molly) eighth birthday. Happy birthday Sweetheart!
  • Wednesday night was spent with my parents and Emily. I took dinner to Daniel at work and went home for a book and more Olympics.
  • This is the same night that Daniel came home from work, lost himself in his video game and didn't come to bed at all. I will admit that the pancakes he woke me up with was a nice touch. I'm sure that now that the USA basketball game is over, he's probably getting some ZZZZs. Maybe... He's odd like that.

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Kelsey said...

Yum Banana Bread!