Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Try It Tuesday - Glasses

I've mentioned on here a few times about my need for glasses. I mentioned ordering some and waiting for them to come in. But what I've failed to do was actually let you know what they're here! So as an opening for my first "Try It Tuesday" hosted by my aunt, Mrs. Who, I thought I'd show you!

My Try-It is my glasses. I have never worn glasses before, haven't ever needed to. Still don't wear them all that often. I really only wear them when I drive. But let me tell ya, I pretty much stole these suckers! As I was shopping around in March trying to find what was going to work best for me, trying to find the right price, and the right script, I ran across some friends that had found a website to beat all other websites for glasses. Zenni Optical. And just let me tell you, after all the time I've mentioned them on here, I feel like I should be paid!

These are the glasses that I purchased. As I have discovered from trying on a million bunch of pairs, you have to be picky about what you buy to put on your face. Not everything will look okay so you have to find the perfect fit for your face. I have always been grateful that I haven't needed glasses because I just don't think I look okay in them. I was rather wary about finding anything that would suit. Especially considering that buying them off of a website means I couldn't try them on.

However, I do recommend checking Zenni out. Shop around and do your research first so you know what works for you, but then go to Zenni. I had no problems finding a pair similar to what I'd tried on in the stores I visited. And on top of all of that, I paid less than $13 for the whole shebang, shipping included! I was looking at the ball park of $150 plus elsewhere.

I'm thrilled with my glasses. I'm still not very comfortable wearing them but hey, what do you expect when you go almost 23 years without? They are lightweight, they fit well, and they came in their own hard case. They took about two weeks to come in but the savings was well worth it. I tried it out thinking, "What could it hurt?". Now, I'm going to have to go back and get some prescription sunglasses!

What are you trying lately? Share it with us here!


Mrs. Who said...

Thanks for sharing on "Try It Tuesday"!! I appreciate it.

aclaypot4him said...

I'm gonna have to give in soon. :o{