Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 15th

And so another week begins... and my worries and fears have been realized. When I started out doing a weekly menu plan, I was concerned because I know how our schedules can be. For the past couple of weeks, the hectic schedules have returned. It makes for an interesting planning experience but we're determined not to resort to eating out all the time. So we press on. Sorry it's not very interesting but I need to post this more to keep myself accountable so please bear with me.
Soup and grilled cheese
I have CPA so I will be eating there.
Daniel will fix something easy at the house.
Daniel is working and I will be helping a friend.
Sloppy Joes
Daniel's working so I'll fix something at the house.
Do you have a menu plan? Tell us about it here!

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Digits said...

I have a list of about 30 meals we like- and then I draw them out of a cup/pile (whatever is handy) and plan out the month.
I shop every Sat for the week ahead. If I know we won't be together for a meal I usually make extra of whatever was for dinner the night before and we just eat leftovers or sandwiches.
I usually try something new about 2 times a month. (the almost husband is a picky eater)