Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh, Gravity...

Gravity is doing its job. I haven't falled off the face of the earth. It has just been one crazy hectic two weeks. My goodness! I'll spare you all the nitty gritty details unless you'd really like to know. Let's suffice it to say that good things are happening with my photography! I've been on Cloud Nine for about two weeks now.
The 'short' version:
I helped shoot a wedding with a fabulous photography, Shaun Ring, back in late September. Last week, I met with him to go over the shots and 'talk shop.' Left greatly encouraged and through a turn of events will be assisting him in the 2009 wedding season! Needless to say, I'm thrilled because his work is really really good! I can't wait! Check his site out here, and his blog here. Let him know that I sent you!
I also got a new camera which I was shooting with for the first time on Friday night, with some willing models, when I received a call for someone desperate for a wedding photographer. So I shot my first wedding Saturday. Since then, I've been busy living, working, and editing photos. It's been a learning experience! I'm excited about how some of them turned out! They aren't finished yet but when I get them completed, I'll post some on my other blog.
In other news, one of my very dear friends, Lindsey, is celebrating a birthday today! Happy birthday Linds! We're celebrating with dinner and a rousing game of laser tag!! We've known each other for over 10 years! Craziness.
As I go into the weekend, I'm reminded that I still have craziness waiting for me on the other side. I have the shoot from last Friday to edit and I have two more to do tomorrow. I best get cracking but I didn't want anyone to think I'd wandered off and got lost somewhere! I'm here... just very busy! My apologies that this post is so much about photography but well, it's what my life has consisted of for the past two weeks! I'll catch up soon and possibly even write about something you find more entertaining than photos! Have a great weekend people!

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A new camera? That's exciting!