Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have a hole in my sock and my shoe keeps sticking to my foot...

My life has been hurrying right past without waiting for me. This morning is yet another example. In my haste to get out the door on time, I grabbed a sock with a hole in the bottom of it. Sad part is that I didn't even realize it until I was already at work going through my normal opening business routine. Most irritating as my Dansko clogs keep sticking to the heel of my foot.
Life seems to be like that lately. There's a hole in the heel of the sock we call life. We keep getting things situated just right and think everything's going to be okay. Then the sock shifts and we're back tripping over a sticky shoe.
As I've mentioned before, my husband works for Circuit City. Unless you've been living in a cave for the last couple of months, you probably know they're closing their doors. Everyone that currently works there will be out of a job, including my husband. A couple of weeks after this announcement, our state had a massive, disabling ice storm. During this, we discovered that the rim on Daniel's car was broken and had to be replaced. A week later, the arms of his windshield wipers broke and also had to be replaced. The following week, I was told that I could possibly be out of a job soon. Added to these facts, my father lost his job of 33 years, my 88 year old great great aunt has been in the hospital for the last month, and Daniel and I have had some major personal disappointments. It's been a stressful last couple of months.
I'll be honest. I've cried more recently then I think I have in years! I've worried and I've stressed. I've griped and I've complained. I've been frustrated and snappy. In the same token, I know that as a result of these hardships, I've learned lessons that I wouldn't have otherwise learned. I've grown, mentally and spiritually. I have come to realize that it doesn't matter what happens or doesn't happen, God's not going anywhere. He's going to be there, through thick and thin.
He has provided for us through all of this. My aunt is going to be released into a rehabilitation hospital tomorrow after a month in the hospital, 2 1/2 weeks spent in ICU. Daniel's car issues have been solved without straining our bank account because we were prepared with an emergency fund. We both have had good, promising job opportunities present themselves in the last week. My father is working towards becoming a certified computer technician (if that's the correct term), which has been a passion of his for years.
Just as I will change my sock tonight, I'm learning to change my attitude and my outlook. I'm learning to have faith. I'm learning to lean on God. I've always known that God will provide a way but I have never had that faith tested. I've never had dreams dashed before they even had a chance to be realized. But because of these things, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves me. He wants what's best for me (Jeremiah 29:11). Everything that He does has a purpose. Hard times are just that, hard. But thankfully, we have them. It's through the hard times that we can grow, that we realize what we're made of and can improve on it.


aclaypot4him said...

Excellent...you have been a big help the past week and some!!! I'm tested too...it's like there is a hole in my head and my brain keeps oozing on my hair.
I have been clinging to "...the Lord is the strength of my life..." and "Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart."

I'm gonna have a blog to post when I get the time...course that is if I can remember what I want to write when I do get the chance!

Just saying your blog title makes me smile. I suggest anyone needing a lift repeat it several times :)..."there's a hole and my sock and my shoe keeps sticking to my foot...there's a hole and my sock and my shoe keeps sticking to my foot...there's a hole and my sock and my shoe keeps sticking to my foot

Lizzybee said...

Well my Mom always says this at the time of Bad Stuff, and it is so annoying at the time. But later, it always makes sense...
"...things happen for a reason..."

Cory and I had trouble and split=things were so much better when we got back together.
Lost my job? Better one came along with better opportunities and more money.

It all makes sense in the end. I do believe He has a plan. And that He also won't give you more than you can handle.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I with you definitely agree