Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Workin' it out...

God's pretty amazing. Did you know that? Has anyone else experienced that lately? I wrote yesterday all about the trials that consist of my life lately. Today, I'm writing with some solutions, some progress. Happy thoughts! Lessons learned and shared.
Yesterday, I was given a job offer, which I accepted. I currently drive 45 minutes to work, one way. This new job? About 5 minutes. Vast improvement! I'll be doing the same thing I'm currently doing but instead of pediatric surgery, I'll be working for a pain management doctor. Dr. T seems nice. I know things won't be as laid back in his office as they are with Dr. B but I'm looking forward to it all the same. It's a very very bittersweet move. I'm truly going to miss all that I have here. The camaraderie with Dr. B and Ms. E is not something that I'm going to be able to replace. They're much more than just employers, they're my friends. I have to tell them today that I'm going to be leaving them and that's going to be hard. I'll probably cry. Ms. E will probably cry. It's going to be a rough two weeks but busy as I try to get everything together for my last day on March 10th.
Daniel had a job interview last night at Best Buy. Things went well and we're encouraged. We were told that someone would contact him for the third interview soon and would be able to hire him on the spot then. We have a little bit of an inside pull in the fact that another coworker knows people in management at Best Buy. The same coworker has also applied and has been led to believe that they (he and my husband) will get the job. Personally, I think they'd be crazy not to hire them. Both are home audio fanatics and both are well educated in what they do. They would be an assest and require very little training. Who knows! Time will tell!
My great great aunt is still on schedule to move to the rehab hospital today! This is fabulous news! She went into the hospital after falling on February 4th and discovering that she had a bowel obstruction. Through various turns and twists, she is finally doing better and will continue to heal at the rehab hospital for approx. 20 days. Did I mention that she's 88? And the sweetest little thing you've ever met? When she got off of the ventilator after surgery, she was whispering her concerns for everyone else! She cares deeply about those around her and prays continuously for them. Love that little lady to pieces! Please keep her in your prayers!

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