Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Ah la, Peanut Butter Sandwiches!"

This wonderful quote provided by my lovely niece, Molly, and her brother, Jacob. Their mother came up Saturday for their Aunt Becky’s baby shower. They were going to stay at Mimi’s house for five days! Both parties involved were quite excited. I was there on Sunday because I had left the fabulous drawing that Molly had made me the night before. These two are so funny! Molly just turned seven in August and Jacob is five as of Oct. 1st. Adorable children!

Back to the peanut butter sandwiches… Molly has this lovely princess fairy wand. In the midst of playing, she’d pick it up and turn us into something else. “Ah la, peanut butter sandwiches, turn her into a guitar!” Of course, this was what I turned them into so that I could tickle them with no mercy under the guise that I was trying to play my guitar. I was many things that day. She took the liberty to turn me into a guitar, a cat, and a pencil to name a few. Jacob’s favorite was to turn me into a button.

There’s never a dull moment with those two and they can always make you laugh. I don’t see them nearly enough because they live an hour and a half away from my home. As I had mentioned, Jacob just turned five. The little rascal read me a book Saturday with little help from me. When did I give him permission to grow up? And Molly is learning to play the piano, taught by her extremely talented Aunt Anna. They really grow up so quickly. The oldest cousin, Silas, turned eight years old in September. I don’t get to see him much either as he lives in North Carolina with his mom, Megan. If you want to talk about a smart child! Nothing gets past him and he has maturity beyond his years. I love my nephews and niece! With another one on the way, I can honestly say that I LOVE being an aunt!

I come from a family of six children. Megan is the oldest followed by Anna, Rosie, Craig, me, with William bringing up the rear. Life was never dull in my childhood years and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My husband is an only child and doesn’t know what he missed. It’s an amazing thing to be able to go with your sisters out to eat just because as we did Saturday night. These events don’t happen as often as we’d like as we do lead busy lives an hour and a half apart. However, when they do happen, I cherish every moment! I love getting together with them for the holidays! With our respective spouses, our family gatherings have grown by leaps and bounds. Add in the kiddos and this Thanksgiving and Christmas will mean that we’ve grown to 16 people strong. I’m lovin’ it!


Moma said...

“Ah la, peanut butter sandwiches, turn her into a cherished daughter!” Ta-Da!

Mrs. Who said...

Hi, sweetie! I didn't even know you read my blog until I saw your comment the other day and followed it here. Keep reading - it may be the only way the family can stay in touch!!

sarah said...

Ariel, I am so excited that you now have a blog! I will be a regular here!