Friday, October 12, 2007

Wow… I totally just had an epiphany.

I was sitting at work today listening to my music as my patients haven’t started showing up yet. My office is on the fourth floor so I have a grand view of the construction on the parking lot below. It really truly fascinates me. The demolition was the most amazing thing. We all know that concrete and asphalt are heavy materials and this is why we drive on them and don’t spend much time lifting it.

For the demolition process there were two large construction vehicles. There was an excavator and something I don’t know the name of that they used for drilling. The excavator is kinda like a claw but before he could do his job the driller had to do his. The tip of this machine looked like a “needle” despite the size of it. He’d set it on the concrete and drill for a second or two, just enough to make a hole to break up the sidewalk every foot or two.

Behind him came the excavator. His job fascinated me the most. With his little “shovel”, he destroyed the work that took many men a while to put together. As I watched, he dug up three or four feet of concrete that had stabilized a light pole. He peeled, (and yes, peeled is the right word), up the asphalt and curbs surrounding it. You’re talking huge pieces of very solid, heavy materials. They made it look like cardboard. They could maneuver those machines with such agility and finesse that it was amazing. They made it look so simple.

Now that I have done the background work, let me share my epiphany. I’m sitting in my office listening to Audio Adrenaline’s, “Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus”. All the while I’m hearing the construction continue below me. (By the way, they are filling in a GIGANTIC hole this morning.) It got me to thinking. First of all, I am never going to be as big as Jesus. That in and of itself is a fascinating and humbling thought. Then I started thinking about other things.

We work so hard to build everything here and look at the efforts we go through to make it possible. First, we have to prime the land. In the instance of my parking lot, they had to destroy what was already there. This requires VERY large machinery because we would otherwise be totally unable to do anything. It takes time to place piece by piece. It takes a lot of people to create even the smallest building. The whole process is wonderfully entertaining for me.

“Never gonna be as big as Jesus, never gonna hold the world in my hand.” Think about it. God started with nothing and look where we are today! He didn’t climb into the cab of a large machine and start digging. He just spoke, “And let there be light.” Gives me chills just thinking about it. He wanted trees so he said the word and there they were. The skill of Davinci and his paintbrush but the concept of a three year old and fingerpaint. What a masterpiece!

Look at your hand on the mouse as you read this blog. You are capable of so many things with just that small part of your body. You can maneuver and pick things up, throw things, hold things. You can use your hand to make something, caress something, or hit something. You can pick up very small items and carry large things. You have so many abilities with just a single part of your body. Think about the rest of you and not even just physically. What about mentally? You can solve complex problems, read, write, laugh. Emotionally you are capable of so many things! Just think about it!

God didn’t have a blueprint. He created you ‘free hand’. He didn’t use glue or stitches or staples, just simply formed you into who you are, seemingly effortlessly. I serve an AMAZING God!!!

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