Monday, October 15, 2007

The cutie, Claire

Does it get much cuter than this?? This is Claire, my adorable little friend. Just had to share. Her birthday is Sunday. The cutie will be three. Sadly, this will be her first birthday that will actually be celebrated. You see, she was adopted by a wonderful family last December. While her first two birthdays may have slipped under the radar, she will never have to go without ever again. On December 11th, 2006 she enter her Forever Family who welcomed her with open arms with plans to NEVER let go again. Her two brother and sister couldn't be more thrilled. This is our sweetie, the girl whose smile will melt your heart, whose giggle will make you want to laugh, and whose hugs sometimes make you want to cry. God bless those families who open their hearts and homes for those without a home to call their own.
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aclaypot4him said...

Happy Birthday, Claire!