Saturday, October 27, 2007


Let's see where to begin. How about starting at the bottom and working our way up?

I went to the podiatrist on October 3rd. They took x-rays and told me that it was a possible stress fracture in my heel. They put me in a walking boot, told me to try to stay off it and to come back in a month. Easy enough, right? Well, then you forget who you're reading about! Nothing is ever simple with me.

A week ago, 2 1/2 weeks after putting the boot on for the first time, the pain was constant. Crutches became the new thing. Just let me tell you that they are not fun in any way shape or form. I walked into work Tuesday morning, out that afternoon, and back in Wednesday morning, in the rain. For those of you who have ever used crutches, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It was cold, wet, and I was slow, especially Wednesday morning.

Come Thursday, I was gearing up for my MRI that afternoon. The plan was to hopefully have results that evening. Well, I didn't leave the office until 4:00. You know they aren't going to rush around and have results by 5:00. So I was informed when I called them Friday after I got off of work. According to the MRI, it is not a stress fracture like they had thought. It is apparently just a bad case of plantar fascitis. My instructions included elevation and staying off my foot. I was to continue to use the crutches and the boot and was told not to go back to work until my next appointment on Wednesday. Fair enough for me. I don't mind being off work, especially if everything else physically is working just fine.

That's when life caught up with me. You see, when you walk, rather slowly, in a cold rain, it seems inevitable that you are going to suffer consequences because of it, however unavoidable. Earlier I was suffering for sinus issues. Then I added a cough and I started noticing that my voice was hoarse. All very cope-able things.
Our youth group had a lock in last night. Under other circumstances, I would've been there. As it is, I just didn't feel like I could make it all night and be a productive leader on crutches. You see, James and Keri are our youth leaders. Daniel and I and his parents help them out. This all works out very well as we are all very good friends. I made an appearance if for no other reason to be able to see my husband as he was going to be staying most of the night. My hour or so visit ended up being five as I didn't leave until 1:30 am. Keri had all four kids with her and Laura, the eight year old, was loving every minute of being able to hang out with the older kids. Connor and Chase, 12 and 14, are a part of the group and were staying all night. Claire, now 3, loved every minute of it. Keri and I got to just sit and talk and at one point ran for pizza and more drinks. It was a lot of talking.

1:30 rolled around before I realized it and as I had been up for 20 straight hours, I felt it best that I returned home. My throat was killing me at this point and I couldn't seem to get anything to drink that would make it stop. So, exhausted, I left Daniel, Keri, Claire, and Laura, with James and the whole youth group to seek the solace of my bed. I was in bed and asleep before I realized it had happened. Daniel followed around 5 am as he had to be at work at 12 and needed some sleep himself to do his 10 hours at work.

Morning came and Daniel got up to get ready. I followed him up and realized, well, I'd been robbed! Someone has stolen my voice! Yep, it's gone. Not completely, but enough so that I have to whisper. It's a rare occurence for me as I have only lost my voice once before even after trying to several times when I was younger. It's never been this bad though. Nothing is helping... I'm going to try Dr. Mom's recipe of lemon tea and honey when Daniel gets home with it tonight. Here's hoping anyway.

So now you have been through my ailments from bottom to top. I'm sick and I hate it. I can't even call people and tell them the results of my MRI because I have no voice with which to do so. Oh well. That aside, I really did enjoy myself last night, even if I didn't get to play as active of a part as I would've liked. Claire was simply adorable. At one point, I put my hands on the side of her face and kissed her forehead. As I'm pulling away, I said, "I love you." She screwed her face up and growled, "I wube you." I responded, "I love YOU." "I wube you" was growled back. We probably passed this sentiment back and forth a few times. She was so cute. Loved playing with the big kids too. Wanted to be in the thick of everything. Even played flashlight tag with them! Which, if you don't know, is when all the lights in the church are turned off and all but a handful of kids run and hide. She got a kick out of helping her sister, Laura, Shirley, and several other "big kids" finding everyone with their flashlights. Yep, she's adorable. =P

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