Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Day Thirteen (November 13th) : For children. Where would we be without children?? We would certainly be a dying breed. I was talking to a 'patron' at work today. We were discussing her children, the children in my life, and the greatness of it all. I am not yet a mother (I have plenty of time for that) but I am involved in several children's lives. You have my nephews and nieces, Silas (8),

Molly (7),

Jacob (5),

and Emily (coming soon to a hospital near you!)

who are incredible and I love them to pieces.

Claire, age 3

is another child that plays a big part in my life. I am involved with Children's Church at my church. I have neighbors with children, friends with children. I love each and everyone of them. Blogger would have a hay day if I were to try to name all of them. I can thank my mother for instilling in me the love of children. How precious they truly are!! As I said, I do not personally have any kids right now but I know that my life would be a little vacant without some little ones running through my path often. God, in all His wisdom, knows that we aren't ready for that task yet, but one day, I hope to have several. I really cannot imagine life without these "little sponges". Thank you Lord!!

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Jessica said...

I agree! Children are one of the best parts of our life.