Monday, November 12, 2007


Day Twelve (November 12th) : For vehicles. I live thirty minutes from my job. Without my car, I wouldn't be able to work there. It is really nice knowing that I have the means to get to and from work, to help a friend in need, to go to church, to visit with friends, run to the store, and any other of the numerous things for which my car is used. It's definitely something that I take for granted. Now if I could just be as thankful for the payment! Thank you Lord!

Join in the Thankfulness, !!!


Jessica said...

I agree! I could not live without my car!

aclaypot4him said...

You know at my current place of employment, we frequently have "patrons" in with DUI's. Not just their 1st but their second and so on. Their license becomes suspended ot revoked...they are by law not to be behind the wheel. I can't in the world a drink could be so much more important than the safety of yourself and others and the security of driving yourself around. How much cheaper and of course, safer to call a cab or a friend. I know you aren't a drinker, Ariel, but your posting reminded me of the patrons...and how they take their ability to drive for granted. I'm with you...can't imagine not being able to jump in my truck and goooooooooooooo.