Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mothers and Weekends

Day Ten (November 10th) : For mothers. I haven't been lax and just not thought of listing her. I was planning on saving some of the best for last. However, I spent the day with her Saturday and was just reminded again how much she truly means to me. I have been very blessed with a wonderful relationship with my mother, one that I feel I would be lost without. She is one of my bestest friends. I can talk to her about anything. She is my role model, my hero. If I could just be half the woman that she is I know that I too could be an inspiration to others. There seems to be no limit to what she can do. She amazes me. I love her to pieces and I know that she was going to excel in the Police Academy, giving her another avenue to positively influence the world. I am so truly blessed to call her my mother! Thank you Lord!!!!
Day Eleven (November 11th) : For weekends. For the most part, I like my job. Granted, there are, of course, things that I'm not too fond of. However, even if I LOVED my job, I wouldn't be able to go seven days a week. It's just simply too much. We have to rest. I love the weekends! The chance to sleep in, to do what I want to do, to lounge around the house in PJs. It's a wonderful way to recharge. Then on Sundays, we can recharge spiritually by going to church. I am so thankful for the weekends because I would go crazy without them. Thank you Lord!
Check out "The Twelve Days of Thanksgiving" on this site. Join us and be thankful!


Jessica said...

Oh how I love weekends as well. And my mom, too! :) Thanks for participating!

aclaypot4him said...

YOU! Okay...I'm up and thankful with you!'re probably saying "Gee, moma, what took you so long? I've only been at this eleven days now!" Well, the 11th day...seemed like a great time for me to start! :O)