Thursday, November 15, 2007

A double dose

Okay, phooie on it! My Internet wasn’t working yesterday so I’m going to combine my Thanks into one post. Most irritating thing but I guess I’m learning, I should be thankful? I did go to bed earlier last night, 9:30 and yes I know, that’s pathetic but I barely got eight hours doing that. Even more sad! ::sigh::

Day Fourteen (November 14th) : For grandparents. My maternal grandmother is in the hospital. While I am furious as to why I found this out four days after she’d been admitted, I am thankful that she is there. You see, she had three strokes over the weekend. For some reason she didn’t go to the hospital until Sunday. Regardless, she’s now getting the treatment that she needs. I’m not ready to lose another grandparent so for this I am thankful. She’s doing okay. Has a little trouble getting the right name for people and finding the right word but I think she’s doing well. I have a few reservations in my relationships with my maternal grandparents but I have thankful none-the-less. I remember my grandmother coming to my sixth grade play, in which I had a major part. I remember the ring that she brought me that day. I wore that ring for YEARS. I was devastated when it broke. I remember Thanksgiving at her house and at my great grandmother’s house. I remember playing in the huge pile of leaves at my great great aunt’s. I remember the video selection at my Granny’s (great grandmother) house and how we were always allowed to borrow them. I remember the favorites that we probably wore out. I remember the porcelain dolls she had on her mantle and how thrilled I was when her daughter, my grandmother, got one for me when I turned five. I remember playing in her back yard amongst her flowers. While we may not talk very often I have good memories.

I remember year after year going for Christmas Eve at my paternal grandparents. They lived an hour away. I remember visiting them and roaming around their farm. I have pictures of sitting on my grandfather’s lap while he read me and my brother a book. I remember sitting his lap as he drove us around on his farm on his tractor. I shot my first target on their property. I remember the “girl pictures” every Christmas Eve with my grandmother and all my sisters and female cousins. I remember looking through pictures and talking about the stories behind them. I remember the candy they always had out. I remember hugging my grandmother at my wedding. I remember hearing that my grandfather had cancer and I remember how devastated I felt. I remember sitting there in the hospital room when he passed. Remembering the tears and shedding new ones now but I know that I will see him again. I remember the love he had for his wife, his family, his farm. I’ll never forget that.

I am so very thankful for my grandparents, both sides. So thankful that they’re mine. I may not have the relationship that I’d want with them but through them I have my parents whom I love very dearly. My life would have been totally different with the grandparents that I have. I am thankful. I am glad that my children with the grandparents that they will have. Thank you Lord!

Day Fifteen (November 15th) : For the Internet. My Internet at work has been out of commission since yesterday morning. Extremely irritating as I need it to do my job. It’s amazing how much I use it. One of those things you take for granted until you don’t have it. My life has certainly changed since I ‘discovered’ the Internet when I was eight. We got a computer when I was probably six or seven. I remember getting the Internet and waiting five minutes for it to dial-up. Gosh, that makes me feel old!! I remember using it to talk to friends and being disgusted with how long it would take me to type something. It was because of the Internet that I bought a typing program, (wonderful Mavis Beacon!) and taught myself to type properly at the ripe ole’ age of eight. While my speed has increased since then, I’m so glad I was such a ‘nerdy’ kid and taught myself then. It has certainly paid off with my job. I get a lot of comments about my typing now and I owe that to the desire to type faster online.

Have a question about something? Pull up Google and search away. I guarantee you’ll find the answer you’re looking for. Never get lost again as you can readily find directions. Just love that song and want to lyrics or to buy the CD? Hop online! Everything you want is here. Myspace and Facebook has brought back many long last friendships. It’s the great connector! I’m so glad that God gave us brains to be able to think this stuff up! Thank you Lord!
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aclaypot4him said...

I'm so proud of you,'re a great thinker!

Jessica said...

I have so many great memories from spending time with my grandparents and great grandparents. And who can live without the internet at this day and age??