Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help wanted!!!

Long story short… I need a new part time job. I had a part time job before my foot got worse. That was working out great. Now, for obvious reasons, I can’t stand on my feet for long periods of time. I miss my friends at McDonald’s. I really enjoyed the job and it made me rather sad to leave. Funny, I always said I’d never work fast food. Swore by it. Yet I did, for five weeks, and absolutely LOVED it!! Tragically, I had to quit. So here’s my dilemma and I’m coming to the Blogosphere for help. I need another part time job. While we make it just fine with my full-time job and Daniel’s part time, the extra income would be wonderful as Christmas approaches. This means January is coming so there will be new school books to buy. There there’s February when we’ll owe $150 in car taxes. The hits just coming thus more income is needed, well, required. I need help.

I'm having a hard time thinking of something I can do. I can’t stand for very long at all which knocks out retail and food. What’s left?? I need suggestions! I love to type. I like kids but worry that if I do something involving them I’d still be on my feet an awful lot. I love to organize things. I like to wrap, thought about advertising Christmas wrapping (anyone interested?). Does anyone know of anyone that may need help for a desk job for about 10-15 hours a week? Or have suggestions or something that I can do part time at home? Help!!!

Drop a comment here or email me @ if you have more location specific info.

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Mrs. Who said...

Have you ever thought about working for the school system? With your experience with kids, it would make perfect sense. And most of the instructional assistant positions are part-time. I don't know how much hiring they do at this time of the year, but maybe someone left and they have a position - you never know. And you could also consider substituting for those positions - I have a friend who does that and she stays constantly busy. Call or email me if you want more details.