Sunday, November 25, 2007

House fire

Don't panic. It wasn't ours. I was on the phone with a friend standing in the back of our house. Our back windows face the houses on the other street. As I lean against the door jam looking through the dark windows, I noticed a kind of orangey glow through the windows. I didn't think much of it aside from the fact that it was kinda odd. I finished my conversation and moved towards the front of the house. I noticed again through the dark kitchen that those two windows had the same eerie glow. I figured out it wasn't normal and as I rushed around the table to the window, the evidence was all there. The house behind us and towards the right was on fire. Well, the porch more specifically. I yelled at Daniel and ran for my phone. I was apparently the first to call it in. Probably stupid but I walked about the corner and towards the house. An explosion in the rear reminded me to stay away. I'm telling ya, there were two trucks, four police cars and three ambulances. It was quite... exciting if that's the right word. Another girl noticed a red sports car speeding off and noticed the flames as well. I really don't think there was any one there, thank goodness! The guy that lives there didn't have his car there. I certainly pray that there wasn't anyone in there! That would be horrible. I could only see flames from the back of the house. However, the front windows and door has lots of smoke rolling out of them.
Lord, you know what exactly happened tonight. Please be with the family that is involved. The smoke damage only must be intense. Please work everything out for them. I can't imagine losing my home. Please work in their lives.


Mrs. Who said...

OH, wow! That's the kind of excitement you don't want!

aclaypot4him said...

Horrible experience for them, I'm sure. Good neighborhood watch there, girl!