Friday, November 9, 2007


Okay, I know I have been posting my "Thankfulness" posts every other day but today is too special for that.

Day Nine (November 9th) : For relief. Every day now for a little over six months, I have dealing with plantar fascitis. If you are regular to this site, you know all about it. Today I have reached a milestone. For the first time in six months, my foot is barely bothering me at all!!! Yep, you read that right!!! Virtually no pain! Granted, I have a little but I standing for a lengthy time today and it's more a pain of having been standing too long than it is the planter fascitis. Trust me, there's a BIG difference! Happy happy joy joy! Thank you Lord!

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Jessica said...

It looks like great minds think alike! I am glad your planter fascitis is better. My dad has this and lately I have wondered myself if I have it too. I look forward to reading more of you thankfulness posts!