Thursday, November 8, 2007

Even being thankful, time to complain!

I'm sitting at my in-laws house. Remember it is November 8th. We have two weeks exactly until Thanksgiving. Two weeks... Yeah... they're putting up their Christmas tree. ::sigh:: Hate to rain on everyone's parade but I am of the camp that the tree should not go up before Thanksgiving. Growing up, my family didn't have the tree up until about 2 weeks or less before Christmas. Don't misunderstand, we had plenty of Christmas spirit! Just no decorations up until closer to Christmas. It still seems bizarre to me to even put it up the day after Thanksgiving. ::shrugs:: Call me old-school if you want but I just don't understand it!
I love Christmas. I really do. I love the decorations and the snacks and the family gatherings. I love everything about Christmas, well, minus the horrible traffic in any and every store you go to. I'm not trying to be a party pooper. I'm just saying you're jumping the gun if you put your Christmas tree up on November 8th, in my oh so humble opinion!!!


Mrs. Who said...

Definitely too early! I got in the habit a few years ago of putting up all our decorations the weekend of Thanksgiving - mainly because everyone was there and could help me! Now, I kind of like it because it's the only time I have time to put up the decorations AND have some time to relax!!

sarah said...

The 8th of November is to early! It is like just skipping Thanksgiving all together...We put ours up the weekend of Thanksgiving as well...I love enjoying the Christmas tree for a full month. I just love the color of all the lights...