Thursday, November 8, 2007

People and Patience

Day Seven (November 7th) : For people. While they oftentimes get ony my nerves, I am very thankful it's not just me in this world. How boring would that be? Think of all the relationships you would miss! Not just your important ones. I'm thinking the Wal*Mart greeter that makes a point to say hello and ask I'm doing. Calling the bank and being able to laugh and joke with the rep about something totally unrelated to your call. Your realtor, your hairstylist, the driver that goes 40 in a 55 EVERY morning, the employees at your local McDonalds. Think about it. Without these simple relationships, life would be SO boring! I am so very thankful for other people. Thank you, Lord!
Day Eight (November 8th) : For patience. My sister-in-law is pregnant and due on Saturday. My patience is taking a beating but we're making it. She has had a healthy, problem free pregnancy. One of those women what others are jealous of because she didn't gain a house or a map on her stomach with stretch marks. ::sigh:: But I'm glad I have the patience to wait for this bundle of joy. That I have patience to deal with difficult people in other situations, be it work, church, or any other situation. Thank you, Lord.

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