Sunday, November 4, 2007

Today I'm thankful for...

Day Three (November 3rd) : For jobs. Every Saturday Daniel is at work. Retail is a slave driver! However, I am thankful that he has a job, that I have a job. It makes it possible to be able to do the things we want, but more importantly the things that we need. Granted, I'd be the first to admit that I groan and complain about my job. Daniel has fussed about his. Everyone I know can tell me something that they do not like about their jobs. It's normal. It's so easy to focus only on the negative and not remember the positive. "I have to go to bed so early to get up early to go to work." "I have to wear a stinkin' uniform." "I don't like ________." But jobs make so many things possible. Without a job, I wouldn't have the laptop that I'm writing this blog on. Without an job, I wouldn't have food in my stomach or a car to get me from place to place. So while, yes, every Saturday is limited because of Daniel's work schedule, it's nice to know that he is employed and that we will live to buy food for another day. Thank you, Lord.
Day Four (November 4th) : For Ibuprofen. Okay, a more general thing, modern medical advancements. It's kinda something I take for granted now. I mean, think about it. 100 years ago you couldn't pop a pill that would help with the pain. You couldn't have someone cut you open and fix your heart. There weren't any brain surgeons in 1907. I'm specifically thankful for the Ibuprofen today as my foot is letting me know how angry it is but it's a huge blessing to be able to live in an age where they can do something about it. The Ibuprofen may not take the pain away but if I lived in 1907, there wouldn't be anything to even dull it aside for wasting myself on alcohol. Modern medicine has saved MANY lives and there are continual advancements that save even more. It never ceases to amaze that God has gifted us so well to be able to think up these things. Thank you, Lord.
On a side note: I have a few cute pictures of Laura and Claire for Halloween but I haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. I'll post them once I have.

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