Friday, November 2, 2007

22 Days of Thanksgiving

So here's my thought... We have the 12 days of Christmas that are all about getting getting getting. So what about the 22 days of Thanksgiving, where we get excited about what we already have? Here is my plan from now until November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day, I will note my thankfulness in the form of this blog. Once a day, (hopefully), I will say my piece and remember that life isn't always about getting ahead or getting more or even having more. It's time for me to be Thankful. I challenge you to join me. Once a day for, well, 20 days now, can you find something to be thankful for?
Day One (November 1st) : For health. As the faithful readers of this blog are aware, I have been sick for about a week. Having completely lost my voice makes me thankful for the voice that I have. It's certainly easy to take the simple things for granted. To realize that you don't have to be able to talk, that you don't have to be able to walk without pain, is a humbling thing. We could do without both of these things, however, God saw fit to gives us the ability to converse. Personally, I am very thankful for this. He also gave us legs with which to be mobile. As I struggle through my mobility issues, it's nice to know that He has proved for us in such a way that we do not have to drag ourselves around with our hands. Thank you, Lord.
Day Two (November 2nd) : For sunshine. One of my co-workers had a sick child today and had to leave early to take care of them. In an effort to make everything continue smoothly, the powers that be pulled me from my desk to have me work hers downstairs. These are fairly newly renovated offices. They have plenty of space, a nice desk, comfortable chairs. You really can't complain. However, there is no window outside, something that I have certainly been spoiled with in the office I've been in for two months. I realized today as I sat in a box how thankful I am for the sunshine. While the office is wonderful if you must sit there, the ability to see outside and enjoy the sun is not something on which you should opt out. I am truly blessed. Thank you, Lord.

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Mrs. Who said...

You are so right about the sunshine. For ten years, my library was in the middle of the school with no windows. Once we were renovated and I moved into my new space, I had big, beautiful windows. I appreciate them every single day.