Friday, January 4, 2008


God is so amazing! He has blessed me beyond compare with music. There have been many times when God has given me just the right song at the right time. Either a song to encourage or a song to remind me who is in really in control. When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend God had just the album for me. While I wasn't upset about the break-up as it was certainly mutual, it bothered me a great deal that we had agreed to still be friends and despite my efforts he would have nothing to do with me. Losing my best friend was a whole lot harder. God gave me Matthew West's album, Happy. This was a CD that I listened to over and over again. Listened to it so much that I made myself sick of it. That was four years ago. Haven't listened to it since. Until today. God once again gave me exactly what I needed.There are things going on that I have no control over. Look what God gave me!

Out of my Hands by Matthew West

There you go changing my plans again
There you go shifting my sands again
For reasons I don't understand again
Lately I don't have a clue
Just when I start liking what I see
There you go changing my scenery
I never know where you're taking me
But I'm trying just to follow you
It's out of my hands
It's out of my reach
It's over my head
And it's out of my league
There's too many things
That I don't understand
So it's into your will
And it's out of my hands
There you go healing these scars again
Showing me right where you are again
I'm helpless, and thats where I start again
I'm giving it all up to you
Repeat Chorus
Move me, make me
Choose me, change me
Send me, shake me
Find me, remind me
The past is behind me
Take it all away
Take it all from me, I pray
Repeat Chorus

Isn't He AWESOME!? Always knows just what I need!

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