Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Updates, updates, updates

Okay... I've been reprimanded for not updating on certain topics. Grandma, this is for you!
I started a new job on December 10th, 07. I must admit, I LOVE IT! I had been working at a hospital and am now working in a pediatric surgeon's office. The difference in the stress level is unbelievable! My co-worker, Glynda, is like a sister after only six weeks. Dr. B and his family are also like my family. The atmosphere here is so totally different from the one at the hospital. Much more relaxed and employee-focused. It's a brand-new private practice so things aren't exactly booming but for having not advertised yet, we've seen plenty of patients. I'm super excited about it and no longer dread coming into work on Monday. It's a huge benefit! Plus I get to deal with kiddos all day! Really can't beat that at all!
My foot is MUCH better. I was able to take my boot off on December 14th. I was still sleeping in it every night until January 7th. Now I'm finished with it unless, heaven forbid, my foot starts hurting again. Yippie!! Huge difference in quality of life. I hated that stinkin' boot! Now I'm finished with it and it's awesome!!!
Daniel started back to school this month. It hadn't been the original plan but with all the craziness that happened in our lives last summer, it was best for us. This adds quite a bit of stress to our lives. Books alone were over $400. ::sigh:: Oh well, it'll be better in the long run. Right now, he's trying to decide whether to get his Bachelors in General Business as planned or to change to an Economics major. He already has an Associates in Applied Science. Decisions, decisions.
That's about the jest of what's going on in my live. Lovin' the new job, trying to figure out a way to get rid of the old job, (still on casual status so they call when they need me), stressing over school decisions, and enjoying family. Life is pretty good right now.

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