Friday, March 14, 2008


I seem to have become a little lax with my posting and will be doing my best to fix that. As I have only my husband and myself to really blog about, I seem to run short of topics fairly quickly. I've decided to join in the Linkage Train for Fridays though. It seems lots of people are doing it! It's quite a bit of fun and I always have a blast checking out their links. My Link Fridays will have to be a bit different though. I don't have the Internet at home and no time at work to search for amazing things! But I can lead you to places that have done just that!
The Mom Advice blog has a list every Friday with some great ideas! Worth checking out!
While I was checking Mom Advice out, I found this. Snickerdoodle French Toast?? I mean seriously! How awesome is that!? A recipe a day from Baking Bites is sure to keep you entertained! I really like the idea of their Chewy Cheesecake Cookies! Of course, there's the old favorite of Marble Cheesecake too! For those of you iGoogle people, you can even add an application on your homepage!
On the topic of food, one of my favorite blogs (Pioneer Woman) has a blog specifically for food! Pioneer Woman Cooks! How can you go wrong with Cinnamon Rolls? Or Homemade Chex Mix, though odd as she admits. What I really like about this blog is that she takes pictures of each steps. It's nice to see what she's using and how she's using it.
There's also the old faithful over at Rocks in My Dryer. She does the Works for Me Wednesday which has TONS of wonderful links!
My aunt, Mrs Who, knows exactly where to find all kinds of fun links to keep you entertained. She is amazing when it comes to finding all kinds of fun little games and interesting tid bits of information. Here's a link for her "For Fun Fridays".

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hiya ariel, its been too long since i've been online. well, i've been online but not here. glad to see your blog. love you,