Monday, March 17, 2008

REDBOX anyone?

Okay, so am I the only one that had not seen the REDBOX movie kiosk? Apparently, they're all over the place. Well, last week one showed up in my home town! Several of the blogs that I read regularly post the code for each day's free movie. I figured it wouldn't hurt to pass it on. I'm probably going to try this code out tonight. I'll let you know!
Today's code! 92X7WF
I've also seen DVDONME used with success. I got today's code from Free2BeFrugal!
I just signed up on their website to receive their emails. I just received another freebie code: BREAKROOM. Check it out!
Do you use REDBOX?


Mrs. Who said...

Uh...what is a red box??

Joanna said...

I've used BREAKROOM, and I just got an email saying the code SPRING will work until 3/24. I use redbox, but have never paid for a movie rental! Enjoy!