Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

On this day, two years ago, I turned a page in this book that we call Life. It all started with a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Sounds strange, but it’s true. My husband and I spent a lot of our pre-dating time at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. I guess this was because it was open late and we could be entertained without spending much money as we were young and broke. I loved standing there with him watching the doughnut making process. Many found memories were made standing in front of the glass, side by side, watching the lumps of dough became a delectable treat. It only seemed fitting that these wonderful morsels became a part of our story.

:::: magical music starts as it takes us back in time ::::

I remember it clearly. It was January 28th, 2005. We were going to have a movie night at my apartment, or so I thought. I was sitting on the couch reading while I waited for Daniel to show up. I finally hear a knock on the door and go to let him in. There he stood with some of our favorite treats, a box of Krispy Kremes, held closely to his chest. I asked to take them from him and put them in the kitchen. He wouldn’t let me. I asked two or three times and each time, he responded, “No. Go sit back down on the couch.” Confused, I returned to the couch.

He followed behind me but didn’t sit with me. Instead, he turned the box and placed it in my lap. Even more confused, I looked at the top. This was no ordinary box of doughnuts. There was a message on this one. It read, “Choose your doughnut with your heart. Which one will you choose?” Puzzled, I opened the box. Inside sat nine doughnuts written on with orange icing, my favorite color. With a word to each treat, I read, “Ariel, will you marry me? Bite Yes or No.” I look at Daniel who had knelt down beside me holding a ring box. I, of course, picked up the ‘Yes’ doughnut and took a big bite!

As the excitement of an engagement ensued, we settled in to make our plans. Our original wedding date, 7/9/05, threw too much chaos into our lives and we wanted to enjoy this time and not be overwhelmed. Throughout that year, we bought a new car, I moved, Daniel started a new school, I started a new position at work, all the while, planning a wedding. Chaos reigned supreme that summer and fall. As Christmas approached, we were excited to be spending our last Christmas together as singles. We anxiously awaited the coming of May.

:::: magical music starts again to bring us to May 2006 ::::

Finally, May has arrived and wedding plans are in full swing. Between planning those final touches and attending wedding showers, we were quite busy. The outpouring of help from our friends was greatly appreciated. Sarah hemmed my dress, baked our cakes, and was there countless hours for support when I needed advice or someone to talk to. Mandy and her mom travelled two and a half hours and arrived a few days early to help gather things and finish those final touches.

The morning of May 27th, 2006 finally arrived. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous. I got up early as Wendy and Jessica were coming at eight to fix my hair. By 10:30, I was at the church and putting the final touches on my make-up and dress. We got our ‘before wedding’ pictures taken and were stored away in the library to await our walks down the aisle. Sitting in that library, I remember being so ready to get the show on the road. We sat there for an hour. I read to our flower girls, Molly and Hannah. My bridesmaids munched on some treats someone had thoughtfully brought in. I saw visitors such as my grandmothers, my aunt, and several of my friends.

As 1:30 approached, we glanced over everything to make sure all was ready. When the music for the slide show started playing, we went to the hallway. As we listened to the music Daniel and I had selected, I was grateful to be busy consoling Hannah so she didn’t panic about her walk down the aisle. That way I didn’t have to think too much about not crying myself. She, and I, regrouped and were soon ready for the journey. However, my brother, Craig, about untied the knot on my tears when he hugged me, crying, before I walked down the aisle.

As the music played, my bridesmaids and flower girls begin their walk. One by one, they walked to the front of the church. As the music changed, the doors were opened and my father and I walked through. I had heard it said that you saw no one but your husband. I must admit, that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t even notice the guests, sorry guys! I do remember the forever long aisle though and how anxious I was to reach the end. Before I knew it, my father was handing me over to Daniel and we were being announced husband and wife.

The journey to this day seemed to last a lifetime yet it was over in the blink of an eye. I was married! I know I walked around in a haze through the reception. I remember the cake and barely tasting it after my mother and her friend had slaved so long. I remember the frozen diet Ale8 that we toasted with and hardly being able to get any out of the bottle. I remember the many many hugs that we received. I remember Daniel’s arm around me as pictures were taken, many many pictures. I remember the frustration at discovering the smelly concoction they had planted in his car. I remember the bubbles as we left the church. I remember finally getting back home and being able to hold onto Daniel without interruptions. Ah, at last, we were married!

:::: magical music fades away and brings us back to present day ::::

I love my husband. I love being married. Sometimes it seems like it was so long ago and other times, like it was just yesterday. He has the ability to make me furious but he also has an innate ability to calm me down, put me at easy, and believe it or not, make my headaches go away. He can be playful or serious or anywhere in between. He is the love of my life. I really cannot imagine going through life without him. He is my anchor. As corny as it sounds, my favorite place in the universe is in his arms.

Daniel, you may never read this but I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed these past two years. We have made many great memories. I so look forward to the many years to come and the memories that they hold. I can’t wait to buy our first house together, have our first child and any others that come, and grow old with you. Thank you for everything that you mean to me. I love you!!


aclaypot4him said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!

aclaypot4him said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet...Happy Anniversary, my little girl...

Kacie said...

Happy anniversary! What a great proposal story, as well.