Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You Are Not Alone

I wrote this poem for my mom to post on her blog. It was written specifically for her but thinking today that there may be someone that needs the encouragement here as well. Hopefully, this will be uplifting for you.

You Are Not Alone
by Ariel Lowery

You have courage.
You have strength.
You have Faith.
You are not alone.

You have endurance.
You have determination.
You have flexability.
You are not alone.

You have family.
You have friends.
You have God.
You are not alone.

It takes all of these.
God has given you what you need.
He will not leave you.
You are not alone.

Step by step, He leads you.
Step by step, you follow.
Step by step, closer to your goal.
You are not alone.

When you feel scared.
When you feel weak.
When you are discouraged.
You are not alone.

When you can't go on.
When you want to give up.
When you can't move.
You are not alone.

When you feel lonely.
When you feel deserted.
When you feel left behind.
You are not alone.

Always remember.
Never forget.
Consider the fact.

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