Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WFMW - Lunch in the Park

****Sorry about the brevity of this post. Hurried for time... ***
Things get a little hectic around the office occasionally. Faxes coming in, the phones ringing off the hook, scanning to be done, patients to schedule... Thankfully, there is a park right down the road. A nice, large park with lots of shelters and picnic tables. When things are particularly stressful, how wonderful it is to know that it's there. Like yesterday... and like today... Lunch in the park works for me. Listening to the baseball bats crack, the birds chirp, and feeling the breeze blow as I sit and read my book is relaxing. It leaves me rejuvenated for another afternoon. It works for me.
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Kelsey said...

That is so nice to work so close!