Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ September 8th

Okay... so I missed a week. Because,... well... I'm lazy like that. But it would've been the same thing every day so it would have been boring. Last Monday was of course Labor Day which we spent with Daniel's parents. Thankfully, they fed us. Then on Tuesday,while I was at my CPA (Citizen's Police Academy) cookout, Daniel was at work. He has worked Tuesday until Sunday (yesterday). So you can imagine what my dinner plans entailed. Rather boring and honestly, most of it wasn't at home. Thankfully though, Daniel doesn't go back to work until Friday! I'm super excited about that! I've missed him. Because he is still in school, he can only work nights and weekends at his retail job. And when he works nights, he is supposed to get off at 9:30, sometimes it's later though. Then calculate the 30 minute trip from his work to our home and you can figure that I'm lucky to get an hour with him before I have to go to bed. Honestly, it's depressing. But such is life. While this summer has certainly been stressful without him getting many hours, it has been nice to have him at home!
This week will be different though. You see, it's my birthday week. While we don't have any set plans aside from my birthday lunch, there's no telling what will happen. And, well, to be honest, we didn't figure up our menu anyway. But here's the run down as best as I can figure... and it will most likely change...
Most likely will end up with fettucine alfredo.
Daniel's on his own as I enjoy the driving training at CPA.
Either we'll have a friend over for dinner for something, or we'll go out for my birthday dinner with my parents. Not set yet.
I'm off work so I'll be going to 'school' with Daniel and enjoying a birthday lunch with him!
There's a party happening for another friend so I'll be there. Daniel's working.
All in all, it's going to be interesting how things work out.. We shall see. I'm excited about Daniel only having one class on my birthday! That means we'll be able to spend more of it together and it makes it possible for me to join him in the city where his school is. And yes, it's a different city than we live in... and a different city than we work in. We do a lot of driving...
Are you more organized than me? Do you have a menu plan for this week? Share it here!

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