Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Try-It-Tuesday - Camelbak

We have previously established that I enjoy water but in a picky manner. In my previous post, I had discovered the lovely Deer Park 3-l bottle. I have since switched to Highbridge Springs gallon jug for a whoopping $.99!! Because I'm not buying individual bottles, I have lost the luxury of just going to the fridge and grabbing and bottle and quenching my thirst. But I have found a solution!!

Camelbak has created a "Better Bottle". It's BPA free and spill-proof so it's safe for work. The bottle I purchased is the size of a standard bottle of water, 16.9 ounces. It uses a straw so you aren't having to worry about tipping it up and spilling it. Which isn't a concern anyway because it's spill-proof! All you have to to and lift, bite, and sip.
I love my Camelbak! I have been drinking so much more water lately! I'm averaging about 64 oz while I'm at work. For some reason, because it's a straw, it's easier to drink. We all need plenty of water, right??
It's a bit of an investment at about $11 a pop. Think of it this way though, you'll ultimately be saving money and you'll be healthier because you're drinking more water. Well, that is, if you put water in it.
You can check out the Camelbak website for store locations near you. I bought mine at Dick's Sporting Goods. I'm tellin' ya... I tried it, and I love it!!
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Digits said...

I LOVE water :)

Mrs. Who said...

I need one of these. I am drinking tons of water lately but that means TONS of water bottles.