Thursday, October 9, 2008

100 Things about Ariel

In honor of my blogoversary today, I've decided to post the much delayed 100 Things. I'll be posting something a little more 'honoring' later but enjoy until then!
1. My name is Ariel. Figured I’d start this off right! Not after the Little Mermaid…
2. My husband’s name is Daniel. We have been married a little over two years. Our anniversary is May 27th.
3. My husband is still school with plans to graduate either December 2009 or May 2010 with his second degree, this time in Business.
4. My husband is an only child whereas I come from a family with six kids. Yes, it’s an adjustment for both of us.
5. I have two nieces and two nephews, three sisters, and two brothers.
6. I am the youngest girl with only William being younger than me.
7. We once had nine animals in our house with eight people. 2 cats, birds, hermit crabs, hamsters, and a dog.
8. My favorite color when I was young was pink until we started helping a gentleman collect cans. Scored a jackpot on someone’s Rosie and decided my favorite color was then blue.
9. My favorite color is now orange.
10. The house I spent most of my growing years in was an older home with originally only one bedroom.
11. With the addition of another living room and kitchen, the old living room and dining room were converted into bedrooms.
12. I shared the very large former living room with my youngest brother and my three step-sisters.
13. We once thought it would be wise to play ‘football’ on our knees in my room. It resulted in my big toe being broken. We never did it again.
14. My older brother, Craig, and I once hid from our babysitter in the attic with the drop-down staircase. Shame on us…
15. Some of my fondest childhood memories where riding our bikes in the surrounding neighborhood.
16. We moved from that house when I was 13 and in the new house, I had my own room in the garage-converted-into-a-bedroom, complete with a window seat! I loved that room.
17. We got our first computer when I was six and because I was a geeky little kid, I taught myself to type at age eight.
18. I moved out on my 19th birthday and into my own apartment.
19. Up until I moved out, I was only allergic to dust. Now, even having been raised in a home with cats and have eaten peanut butter my whole life, I’m allergic to both.
20. I have 13 first cousins not including any spouses.
21. I love Mexican food but I’m picky about what. My favorite would be beef enchiladas done the right way!
22. I love hush puppies but couldn’t care less about cornbread.
23. I like the smell of cucumbers but not the taste.
24. I ABHOR pickles in any way, shape, or form. They make me gag. If there was a pickle on my food, I’m done. Can’t eat any more. If there's one in the vicinity, I can smell it.
25. I hate circus peanuts and coconut!
26. I have a strong preference for pulp-free orange juice but will drink the ‘nasty’ stuff if that’s all that is available.
27. I won’t eat tomatoes whole or in chunks but I thoroughly enjoy tomato products. Can we say ‘texture issue’?
28. I prefer dark chocolate over milk or white but I’ll eat it all!!
29. I will drink Pepsi before I will drink Coke and I prefer them to be diet. However, I prefer light colored over dark; just make my Mt. Dew or Sprite fully leaded.
30. My favorite candy bars were Snickers and Butterfinger, neither of which I can have now. So 3 Musketeers or Milky Way Dark, please!
31. I love Skittles and Starbursts!
32. I learned to drive in a mini-van.
33. I got my permit the day after my 16th birthday but let it expire and didn’t get my license until three weeks after my 17th birthday.
34. I cannot, to this day, drive a manual transmission. My husband has tried to teach me… I seem to lack the coordination necessary.
35. I pray my life is never based on the ability to back up. I can’t seem to do it very well. Parking spaces, I can handle… more than that, I’m toast!
36. I have only been pulled over once so far and let off with a warning. I hope for it never to happen again.
37. I was eight in the last auto collision I was in. I hope to keep it that way.
38. Two of my biggest driving pet peeves are when people do not signal or when they drive the wrong way in a directional parking lot.
39. I love a good foot rub but don't touch my toes while I’m trying to sleep.
40. I love to color in coloring books. At 23, I still buy crayons and coloring books.
41. I love a little coffee with my sugar and cream. I'll pass on the coffee ice cream though.
42. I'm mostly ambidextrous. Having hand injuries in the past tends to make you that way.
43. I'm not a big meat eater. Not a vegetarian but not a big fan of meat.
44. I despise scary movies. I hate being scared! I refuse to watch them and will hide go to our bedroom while my husband and his friends watch them.
45. I won't pet animals that are wet. I can't stand it!
46. I enjoy fishing as long as I don’t have to touch slimy bait or the fish.
47. Some of my favorite memories as a child were the camping trips we went on as a family.
48. My favorite sounds are also focused on those memories, rain falling on the tarp while you play cards at the picnic table and waking up in a tent with someone walking around in the gravel outside.
49. I love nature. The serenity, the complexity, the awesomeness of it….
50. I thoroughly enjoy trying to capture nature with my camera. Or people… whichever is readily available.
51. I love clouds and stars.
52. Oftentimes, I would rather read than watch TV.
53. I would rather type than write 80% of the time.
54. I cannot make myself lick an envelope. I will go get a wet paper towel before I will. Disgusting!
55. I am a blogaholic. I am subscribed to 207 blogs in my Google Reader. 73 of which are photography blogs.
56. Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors and the cool down from summer.
57. I hate being cold because it happens so easily. Once I’m cold, I stay cold for a long time.
58. Ideal temperature for me is somewhere in the range of 65-80 degrees.
59. I love to wear sweaters and long sleeve shirts.
60. I live in my jeans and t-shirts. I’m a casual kinda girl.
61. I have a paralyzing fear of stairs that you can see through. Throws me all out of whack and I’d rather take the elevator, or not go.
62. Because of this fact, and the fact that our washer and dryer are in the basement, my wonderful fabulous husband does the laundry. Love him!!
63. I run into walls and fall off of stools with wheels. It’s really quite embarrassing.
64. I have never had a land line phone in my name. Just seems silly to pay the extra for a land line when I’m never home to use when everyone already calls my cell phone.
65. I have known my best friend, Sarah, for more years of my life than I haven’t, 12 years to be exact.
66. I really don’t care a whole lot for leftovers. Unless it’s sweet… Just something about it not tasting as good the second time around. I’m honestly not sure. I do love leftover pizza though!
67. I doodle while I talk on the phone. Or, if I’m not sitting down, I pace. And I can’t seem to carry on a conversation in the room with someone else, even if they’re quiet.
68. I hate Times New Roman font. With a passion.
69. I bought my first gaming system when I was 21. It is a pink Nintendo DS and I love it!
70. I’m very easily amused as well as easily entertained. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing.
71. I must hit the snooze button at least twice before I can get up. It’s necessary. I wake up and feel so much better than when I jump out of bed the minute it goes off.
72. I have a weak stomach when it comes to blood and gore but I can handle vomit without a problem. Go figure.
73. I have fabulous in-laws. I’m very blessed with a great relationship with my mother-in-law.
74. I’m not athletic though I played soccer for my high school my freshman. And I did manage to score…. Once.
75. I started playing piano when I was eight years old and stopped taking lessons when I was 15. I can still play (a little) but haven’t played much since I moved out at 19. It’s kinda sad.
76. I almost went to a middle school specializing in music and arts. I was second on the waiting list and decided to be homeschooled again.
77. I was homeschooled 8 of my 12 school years but not consecutively. I graduated through home school. And I was not deprived socially.
78. I got my first job when I was 15. I was doing secretarial work for a friend of the family. His office was very messy when I started but in perfect order when they let me go for money reasons.
79. I have worked in retail every year since January 2002. I’m sick but I love working the Christmas season. Something about the chaos appeals to me.
80. I love customer service. I enjoy being able to help the person either find the item they’re looking for or give them ideas for gifts. I like to help.
81. I’m very much so a people person.
82. I have had two boyfriends in my life. One of which is my husband.
83. Daniel is the only man I have ever kissed, something I have never regretted.
84. My cat (who lives with my parents now) was named by my nephew. Her name is Pikachu!
85. I tend to name inanimate objects such as my car who is Dazi Ann.
86. I am a Republican not because my parents are but because that is what I believe.
87. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home and was saved at the age of 4.
88. I tend to bottle things up and just explode when I can’t keep it in any more. I’m working on that because let’s be honest, it scares my husband when I start babbling about stuff that happened three months ago.
89. I love to read. My husband thinks I’m weird. I prefer Christian romance but Dee Henderson’s my favorite.
90. I love to take pictures and would love to get a photography job off the ground.
91. I’m kind of a computer geek. I enjoy knowing how to use programs to their fullest.
92. I like to know why things work the way they do. I’m a visual learner.
93. I want four children and would like to adopt two. Again, my husband thinks I’m crazy but we’re working on that. He only wants one or two and on some days I can get him to agree with three.
94. I despise rude people. Okay… that’s mean. I strongly disagree with their attitudes. Is that better?
95. I love to window shop. I can pick up a million things on the walk through the store but when it comes time to check out, I’ve put it all back. Unless of course you have me in a grocery store.
96. I have a massive sweet tooth. I’m a junk food lover. I often times prefer that to ‘real food’.
97. My left leg is slightly longer than my right same as my left foot is also slightly bigger than my right.
98. I physically cannot blow up a balloon myself. Must have something to do with my asthma….
99. I’m a Facebook addict.
100. I love to type.


Joanna said...

Congrats on the blog anniversary! Wow!

I can understand #61- I don't have a paralyzing fear, but definitely a serious hesitation. Don't mind heights, just stairs I can see through :-P

Mrs. Who said...

Oh, I HATE pickles too. Don't EVEN want them on my plate.

Fancy said...

I do like pickles and I love you!

I enjoyed learning lots of new things about you!! You are very special.


Liz said...

We've got some stuff in common! I shared a bedroom with my two sisters for a long time and I have TONS of cousins. Girl cousins to be exact... maybe not tons. But a lot. :)