Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ahh! I've been tagged!

Well, it seems I've been tagged. As it's my first, I figured I'd better follow through! Check out Kelly's answers over at Close To Home. Kelly, thanks for tagging me! Be forewarned that most of these are taken from my 100 Things that I'm working on for my Blogoversary tomorrow!

7 Weird/Random Facts About Me
1. I love a good foot rub but don't touch my toes while I'm trying to sleep.
2. I love to color in coloring books. At 23, I still buy crayons and coloring books.
3. I love a little coffee with my sugar and cream. I'll pass on the coffee ice cream though. (Thanks for the suggestion, Kelly!)
4. I'm mostly ambidextrous. Having hand injuries in the past tends to make you that way.
5. I'm not a big meat eater. Not a vegetarian but not a big fan of meat.
6. I despise scary movies. I hate being scared! I refuse to watch them and will hide go to our bedroom while my husband and his friends watch them.
7. I won't pet wet animals. I can't stand it!

Yes, I know I'm odd and thanks for loving me anyway! Now share the love as I tag seven others!
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Lucy's Mom said...

Can't imagine the petting a wet animal thing! Since my beloved dogs spent half their life in the pool, wet animals are a way of life around here.