Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life with one hand...

So it's been two weeks since my accident. Two weeks since I've washed, dried, and styled my own hair. Two weeks since I've opened a package or completely dressed myself by myself. Two weeks of pain and putting others out with things I can't do. Two weeks since I've driven a car. Six days of lost wages and 14 nights of waking up every two to four hours for pain meds. Currently 11 days since surgery and did I mention that the driver that hit me was apparently uninsured?
Two weeks of lessons about patience. 14 days of being reminded that God has plans for me. 336 hours of releasing my control freak nature. 20,160 seconds of being thankful that I'm alive.
A lot has happened since the accident. I had surgery, we bought a new car, I went back to work, and we hired a lawyer. It's incredibly frustrating not to be able to do the things that you normally did with no problems. It's irritating to alway have to ask someone else to do something for you when you've always done it for yourself. But ya know? Everyone's been incredible!
My husband? He has done so many things for me. He washes my hair and holds the blow dryer so I can style it. Every. Morning. He helps me get dressed, carries my things, and doesn't complain. He handles this whole process in stride. He's my hero. Without him? I'm really not sure what I would've done. I don't even want to think about it!
I still have worries. Such as my knee that was seemingly hit by something in the wreck. It's yet to heal and still hurts quite a bit. I've been on pain meds for two weeks so I have no idea about the damage my back and neck have received. I have no idea what the lawyers are going to find out about the other driver. Whether he has insurance or not, whether or not I'll have to basically sue myself for my insurance money to pay for my medical bills... But ya know? One thing is constant.
I am thankful to be alive. If I didn't have my seatbelt on, I don't think I would've walked away. If I didn't wear a seatbelt and didn't have an air bag? I don't think I'd be here to tell you about the wreck at all. I'm thankful. Thankful that I'm okay with only a broken wrist and a bruised knee. Thankful that everyone else involved is also well. Thankful that I have people that care about me and are willing to step up and take care of the slack. Thankful my insurance company is handling things and we are already in a new vehicle. Thankful.
I apologize if it seems like I'm complaining. It's been a little rough. But God has plans for us. Lessons have been learned that wouldn't have been otherwise. I've been reminded to learn, love, and forgive. Do I wish it hadn't happened? You bet I do! But I'm okay.
I'm okay. I can live with that.

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aclaypot4him said...

Good working it out in your "control freak" head...It's hard to stand back in a situation like your and say "it's all good"
We naturally get hung up and thinking it's a punishment...but what God allowed in Job's life...was that a punishment? Nah...a means to draw him closer to his maker. A relationship with God growing deeper and deeper everyday is what He wants. To KNOW Him...not know of Him...but really know him...that's His plans for us. As with every important your dear husband, too. Hard times allow us to really "know" them.
I'm so thankful you are still able to type, too...:O)

Love, Moma