Monday, July 7, 2008

On the Flipside of a Holiday Weekend

Shoo... and a busy one it was! I apologize for the lack of posts but things just don't always work out the way we plan. Hopefully, everyone had a fun, and safe, Independence Day weekend! I know we certainly did.
  • Thursday night we spent with Daniel's parents with Tammy's fabulous biscuits and gravy! Oh yummy! We stayed up late and watched Vantage Point. If you haven't seen it, it's pretty good!
  • Friday was relaxing. I was able to go to our city's parade and see my mother in action! She will be graduating from the Police Academy on August 8th! I'm super excited about that! Her official duties at the parade were to 'keep the crowd from collapsing into the parade.' It even sounds official! Hehe... I have a photo that I'd love to share but shame on me, I forgot to upload it. I'll get it up here soon. Please continue to pray for my mom as she's rounding the last bend! Pray that she can stay strong!
  • Friday evening we had a cookout at my in-laws house with Daniel's parents and Keri and her family. Good food, good times, and of course, fireworks. Claire, who is now 3 /12, wasn't a big fan. Can't say that I blame her, I'm not either. So the two of us enjoyed the fireworks from the protection of the house.
  • Saturday was relaxing as well. I had another fun photo shoot. I feel like we got some good shots despite the fact that we were rained out.
  • Sundays are always nice. This week's sermon was motivating. It was a reminder of how influential our children are and what our responsibilities are as far as being parents, church members, and friends. Makes me appreciate all the things my mom did for me! Thanks, Moma!
  • After lunch with friends after church, we enjoyed a semi-relaxing afternoon. We did a little cleaning but settled in for a movie and a book, respectively.
  • We had some worry yesterday when Daniel's eye started hurting him. Then by the evening, it was swollen. Tried allergy medicines and it wasn't doing anything. We tried a warm washcloth in case of a sty. It helped a little but it was more swollen this morning. Erring on the side of caution, he went to the doctor this morning. He just called to inform me that it's just a blocked duct, hopefully. A copay just to be tolded to keep doing what you're doing. Oh well. At least we know it's not serious!

All and all, we had a great weekend. I must admit that even though I love my job, I'm a big fan of three day weekends. I love the 4th of July. I'm a pretty patriotic kinda gal. It makes me happy to see our flag. It humbles me to think about the soliders who gave their lives to grant us freedom. I'm honored to be able to say that I'm an American. We have our own issues as a nation but I'm proud of our country. I say Thank you to every solider that has served, is serving, and will serve our country. We are forever grateful!!

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Kelsey said...

Glad you had a great weekend!